Going on holiday with a newborn for the first time? Find out what precautions to take.

Here are our advice and tips for successful holidays with your baby

Some good advice for relaxed holidays for young parents who are also keen travellers. In the mountains or on the beach, Club Med offers you exclusive dedicated services for young children.

Holidays with baby: the precautions to take before you leave home

If you're heading for a destination less than 500 kilometres from your home, the car is still the best way to travel. If it's over 1,000 kilometres away, then flying becomes a necessity. Your baby can travel by air from the age of 2 weeks. 

To ensure that their eardrums adjust gradually, feed them on take-off and landing. If you're heading for the mountains, take regular breaks so they can get used to the change in altitude gradually. 

Whichever destination you choose, plan a preliminary visit to your paediatrician. Ask for a "certificat de vie en collectivité" stating that they are fit enough to take part in community activities, if you want your little one to join a children's club. 

Travelling with a newborn can be a real pleasure when you know that they'll be accommodated in the right conditions. That's why Club Med offers you numerous baby-friendly destinations throughout the world.

The essentials for baby's travel bag

Whether by the sea or in the mountains, pack mineral sunscreen with a high SPF in baby's travel bag. Take any vaccination certificates and current medicines. Make sure that you take enough to cover the entire period of your stay. Forgotten something? All first aid products can be bought in the Club Med shop.

Leave your kitchen equipment at home. Club Med Baby Welcome®*, available in some Resorts, makes your holiday easier by providing baby equipment in your room. You'll also find food suitable for the age of your little one, in a Baby Corner, a Baby Restaurant and/or baby feeding room. 

*Included in your all-inclusive package Ask when booking if you'd like to benefit from this service. 

What to pack in your children's cases

Enjoy your holiday to the max with Club Med

As soon as you arrive, relax, stop stressing and take part in the many activities on offer. Entrusted to experienced G.Os® with childcare qualifications, your little one can develop at their own pace at Baby Club Med®*, a dedicated space for babies from 4 to 23 months, available in the Resorts in Valmorel, Bali and Punta Cana, amongst others.

As parents, you're best placed to know your baby's needs, that's why your recommendations are taken into account. Inform us of any allergies and useful information about your child when you register. Early-learning games, psychomotor education, giggles and gurgles, your little one's entire day is then recorded in a personalised notebook.

*At extra cost

Discover some of the activities on offer at Baby Club Med®

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