The reasons to start running during your holidays

Pull on your trainers and practise your sport among superb landscapes.

Do you want to use your holidays to get fit? Your holiday destination is an ideal starting point for beginning running. Here are 3 good reasons to pull on your trainers.

1. An accessible, all-terrain sport

Running is a top sport for two main reasons: it's practical and runs vary according the terrain you choose. 

A decent pair of trainers and a bottle of water is all you need to run along a beach or in the heart of a forest. Whether you're a gentle jogger or a competitive runner, you can go at your own pace either alone or with a group.  

Club Med Resorts benefit from stunning locations with varied terrain that sporty types will love, even if they're on a "relaxing" holiday!

Discover the best Resorts with trails for mountain hikes:

  • Walk for miles, between sea and sky at the Sant’Ambroggio Resort in Corsica. Nestled in pine forests and scrubland, the Opion Resort in Provence is perfect for hillside runs. Or head to alpine forests and stay at the Arcs Panormas Resort, with its breathtaking view across the Vallée de la Tarentaise.

2. Feel good in your trainers

Whether you want to keep in shape, start getting fit or simply lift your spirits, your Resort will have plenty of places where you can enjoy a jog. Running is good for the heart and is a great immune system booster. What if you'd like to use your Club Med holiday as a full-on fitness break? Before attacking a run, why not ease your body into action with a stretching session?

Discover Club Med's fitness activities

In addition to jogging, Club Med offers other activities that are designed to get you fit:

  • Nordic walking, a gentle and complete endurance sport
  • Cycling, to develop heart rhythm without straining your joints too much
  • Aqua fitness, a friendly sport that is both gentle and invigorating and accessible to all
  • Hiking and sports walks, allowing you to admire the scenery whilst exercising

3. The promise of exploration and getting away from it all

Seaside, countryside or mountain paths: each destination has its charms. Put on your trainers and allow yourself to be lulled by the lapping of the waves on a morning jog on a fine sandy beach.

Around your Resort, you can follow a marked trail with a difficulty level and distance that suits you. On the programme: different landscapes to explore and stay in shape.

3. Escape and explore

  • Along a coastline, across fields, up a mountain: each of our destinations has its own special charm. Slip on your trainers and immerse youself in the early morning sound of waves washing up to the beach as you jog along its white sand.
  • Head out of the Resort and hike along a marked path - there are paths for all levels that cover a variety of distances. On the menu: diverse landscapes to take your mind off things while doing your body a lot of good.

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