Squash, ping-pong, tennis: Club Med's indoor sports

Grab the opportunity during your holiday to practise indoor racket sports.

Among the great variety of Club Med sports, you can choose between indoor and outdoor sports. Whatever the weather outside, the ball is always in your camp so you can have fun. Squash, table tennis and tennis will give a high-energy rhythm to your holiday.

Squash, an energetic fun sport

A descendent of the French sport "jeu de paume", squash, like tennis, is a racket and ball sport. With rubbers balls bouncing off the court's walls at breakneck speed, this sport will certainly keep you on your toes. Work your muscles, up your adrenalin and have loads of fun as you and your opponent try to outwit each other with your moves.

Dynamic, entertaining, mood-boosting and great for overall health, squash has it all. Various Club Med Resorts across the globe have squash on their list of sports. Even if you're in the tropical climes of Bali, Phuket and Itaparica, you'll find modern, fully-equipped courts where you can thrash your opponent and show off your reflexes.

All the Club Med Resorts where you can play squash

Ping-pong to test your reflexes

As the name ping-pong suggests, this a rhythmic sport with a rhythmic sound as the paddles and ball do their stuff. As with all Club Med sports, you can enjoy a game just to unwind or to up your sporting prowess. Ping-pong is great all-rounder: it tests your reflexes, works your muscles, improves cardiovascular health and is heaps of fun.

From dawn 'til dusk, you can challenge someone to a game at Resorts including Sandpiper Bay 4Ψ, Bodrum Palmiye, Turkoise, Rio Das Pedras ou Colombus Isle, Guilin and Sanya. Whether playing singles or doubles, after breakfast or a day at the beach, for fun or to test your skills, ping-pong is a great way to liven things up.

Different destinations where you can play ping-pong:

Tennis, by day or night

Serve an ace, show off your backhand or volley like a pro... You'll work your body and have a blast. If you're a tennis buff who still wants to play during your holiday, then you can include classes in your Club Med package. Some Resorts also have indoor tennis facilities. The Rio Das Pedras 4Ψ Resort in Brazil is just one example. 

The game play is the same as for outdoor tennis, but there are also some advantages. Firstly, you're not limited to daylight hours and can challenge others to an evening or even night-time match! Plus rain won't stop play, so you can serve away whatever the weather. Want to explore new sporting horizons? Try your hand at paddle tennis*, a squash-Basque pelota hybrid played in a court with reinforced glass walls.

* Available at Itaparica and shortly available at the Marbella Resort.

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