Holidays: The top 4 activities to do with your 9-month-old child

Share fun stimulating adventures on holidays full of togetherness with your baby

Need to get away from it all with your little angel? In the tropics or in the mountains, share fun times together with your 9-month-old baby. Early learning through music, walks, watery fun, gym: there's lots to choose from when you're on a Club Med holiday. 

An introduction to music equals a joyful sensory journey with your baby

Just like when they're at home, 9-month-old babies need stimulating activities when they're on holiday to grow and develop. At this age, they can move around more and more easily, grab objects around them and imitate your gestures. 

At Baby Club Med®, babies can discover the melody of happiness. The G.Os® will contribute to their well-being through musical play. Songs and stories: your baby will become familiar with the sounds and gradually increase their attention span through music. 

The chance to enjoy quality time and holidays with no wrong notes. 

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Outings in the natural environment so babies can play at exploring

Your 9-month-old baby is becoming increasingly interested in the world around them. Stimulate their curiosity while they're on holiday. Allow them to discover new environments. Whether you're in the mountains or by the sea, take time out to explore the natural world around you. Listen to the birds singing, wonder at the plants and animals, breathe in the sweet perfume of sea spray or the pure freshness of the mountain air... Your holiday with your 9-month-old baby offers a taste of adventure. 

Club Med satisfies your longings for exploration as a family and provides you with the baby equipment you need. Make your holiday with your little one easier with the Club Med Baby Welcome®* service. For example, you could enjoy taking your baby for a stroll in a pushchair through the olive groves in the Club Med Resort of Opio in Provence. Or wrap your 9-month-old baby up warmly and take them in your arms for a walk in the snow at Club Med Grand Massif Samoëns Morillon. 

*Service to be booked in advance, at no extra cost, only in some Resorts.

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Enjoy some aquatic fun like a duck takes to water

The sun is in the sky and the thermometer is showing summer temperatures: it's like swimming in happiness. Make the most of your holiday with your 9-month-old baby and share a swim in the sea or splash around together in the paddling pool. Before heading for the water, baby will need kitting out: a wide-brimmed hat, mineral sunscreen with a high SPF, T-shirt and sunglasses are essential. Avoid the hottest parts of the day when the sun it at its height, to ensure your baby's well-being. Restrict time in the water to 30 minutes maximum, to avoid your child catching cold.

In the sea or in the paddling pool: your 9-month-old baby will love splashing around and will learn about the watery world. You can enjoy the family pool with water games at the Club Med Resort of La Pointe aux Canonniers. Dive into an ocean of happiness together.

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The advantages of an all-inclusive stay at Club Med with your nine-month-old baby:

  • facilities suitable for children of every age, including baby feeding rooms, specially-equipped restaurants and paddling pools for babies from 4 to 23 months.
  • the Club Med Baby Welcome®\* service included in your package to make your family holiday easier. With this service that is booked in advance and involves no extra cost, you benefit from the loan of a pushchair, special food, and baby equipment in your room for babies from 0 to 23 months.
  • \*Only in some Resorts

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