Pick up these key tips on travelling with a baby from 4 months to 2 years of age

Get ready that teddy to cuddle, milk bottles for picnics, pushchair for walks in the park, and sunscreen for summer in the mountains or by the seaside. With our handy tips, you can organise your next holiday with your baby and travel with peace of mind—so that you can focus on creating moments that bring out the best of you and your child.

What to pack in your baby's medical kit

Head off on holiday with your baby without worries by packing these essential items to help you manage any eventuality that may happen on your trip. Whether it’s creams, medicines, dressings or a health record, we’ll make sure you have everything you need for a relaxing holiday and special bonding time with your baby.

The essentials for your baby's medical kit:
✔️ Health record showing that their vaccinations are all up-to-date
✔️ Certificate of good health
✔️ Any creams and medicines recommended by your pediatrician
✔️ An ear thermometer
✔️ Dressings
✔️ A pair of round-ended scissors for nail cutting

The essentials for your baby's suitcase

Bottles, nappies, wipes and a night-light: take these essentials on holiday to make travelling with your baby easier.

The contents of your baby's first suitcase should include these useful items:

✔️ Enough nappies (including swim nappies) to last you for the length of your stay
✔️ Wipes and towels
✔️ Bottles (disposable/non-disposable)
✔️ Pots of baby food
✔️ A bib
✔️ Baby-friendly winter clothing if you're heading for the mountains (snowsuit, mittens, fur-lined boots, woolly hat, etc.)
✔️ Baby-friendly lightweight clothing if you're going to the seaside (hat, sunglasses, sandals, etc.). ✔️ Change of clothing
✔️ A blanket for outings in cold weather
✔️ Pyjamas
✔️ A night-light
✔️ Their teddy bear and a few toys or books

Have everything ready and planned out for your baby when you arrive

At Club Med, you and your child will receive the best possible welcome with spaces designed for babies and their needs, such as Baby Club Med®*, equipment provided by the Baby Welcome® service, and food and feeding rooms at your service.

*At extra cost

While you're on holiday with your baby, Club Med offers you:

✔️Baby equipment (cots, bath, bottle-warmer, pushchair, etc.) via the Baby Welcome®* service.

✔️A varied self-service buffet with a blender and a wide choice of pots of baby food, bottle-warmer and microwave in the Baby Corner (in some Club Med restaurants).

✔️A restaurant designed just for children: the Baby Restaurant**. You can join your children as they enjoy dishes designed for them.

✔️A baby feeding room** available 24/7, where you'll find everything you need to prepare your baby's meals.

✔️Activities suitable for little ones from 4 to 23 months supervised by G.Os® with childcare qualifications, at Baby Club Med®.

✔️A babysitting service or an individual baby-sitter (at extra cost).

*Included in your all-inclusive package. To be requested when booking.
**Subjected to availability in resort.

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