Partnership Announcement in Asia Media Event

26 to 28 March 2018, Club Med will be celebrating our partnership with LACOSTE at Club Med Bintan Island. Join us for three days of fun-filled sports activities focusing on golf and tennis, enthralling entertainment and a chance to mingle and play golf with a renown LACOSTE Ambassador.

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Team spirit: a shared value

As part of the global deployment, this partnership reflects the shared values of team spirit and a passion for sports by both brands. This is evident in Club Med as the widest reaching sport school in the world, where guests can discover more than 10 different sports at each resort and through LACOSTE’s collections and in its genuine athletic heritage. Of the many sports offered, golf and tennis are major popular activities at Club Med. 28 Club Med destinations around the globe feature golf courses and tennis courts are available at almost every resort. Similarly, LACOSTE has a long athletic legacy and sponsors numerous prestigious champions and tournaments including the French Open.


A capsule collection of L.12.12 polo shirts featuring Club Med’s ‘45’ have been designed to commemorate this partnership and to pay homage to their shared French roots.

Grab your limited edition co-branded polo shirts online or at selected resorts across Asia Pacific now!

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Just a stone’s throw away, Ria Bintan Golf Resort is perfect for a great game of golf. An award winning golf course with amazing views of the South China Sea, Ria Bintan presents golf enthusiasts with a picturesque golfing experience.

Alternatively, work up a sweat at our four tennis courts in Club Med Bintan Island. Our talented tennis GOs are on hand to help you practice and work on your strokes. With equipment provided, enjoy a hassle-free sporting experience at our resort.

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Club Med provides you with a huge selection of sports and activities in our resorts. Look forward to discovering a new talent at our archery range, fly high on our trapeze during twilight or simply work on your yoga poses overlooking the beautiful sunset beach.

Take advantage of your all-inclusive vacation and discover exceptional sports and activities, and build memories that will last you a lifetime.

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