Kitesurfing holidays: Top 4 Club Med Resorts to discover and try the sport

Get a taste of freedom with kitesurfing during your next Club Med holiday

Surf on the foam and soar into the air, experimenting with a water sport that combines pleasure and thrills: kitesurfing*. Guided by an instructor, treat yourself to an amazing experience on the edge of the Club Med Resorts of Les Boucaniers, Punta Cana and La Palmyre.

Kitesurfing holidays: put the wind in your sails

Combine your surfing and windsurfing skills by trying some kitesurfing*, a water sport that's taken the aquatic world by storm. With great swells and a steady wind, once pulled by the kite-shape sail, you'll be able to skim across the waves or take to the air.

Sign up for a beginner's course and learn the basics on the beach under the supervision of an instructor. Getting confident? Use your kitesurfing session to try out some aerobatics!

Club Med offers made-to-measure courses organised by external IKO (International Kiteboarding Association), BKSA (British Kite Sports Association) and VDWS (the German equivalent) certified instructors.

When you're a beginner or experienced kitesurfer, you'll find a course that matches your skills and available to anyone over 11 years old (minimum weight 40kg/approx. 6st). On the menu: analysis of the kitesurf spot, security rules, body dragging and, if you're ready, going up wind. Surfing, jumping and freestyle action for hardened kitesurfers.

Club Med can provide all equipment (wetsuits, boards, sails) so you can set off without a worry in the world.

*As a course and at extra cost

3 tropical spots for kitesurfing in the Caribbean

Nestled in the heart a tropical paradise, the La Caravelle 4Ψ Resort boasts one of the best beaches in Guadeloupe. A place to enjoy kitesurfing* in the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea. There are numerous options available: private lessons for beginners or anyone wanting to perfect their skills, courses for hardened kitesurfers, equipment hire* for a supervised outing...

Situated at the southern tip of Martinique, the Les Boucaniers 4Ψ Resort is an exotic getaway that overlooks Marin Bay. Thanks to good winds, this spot is perfect for thrill-seeking rides.

The Punta Cana 4Ψ Resort has IKO** certified instructors who can teach anyone over 18 years old the skills required for this exciting water sport.

*At extra cost

**International Kiteboarding Organization

Enjoy the Club Med life with an all-inclusive Caribbean holiday

2 of the best surfing and kitesurfing spots in Europe

The Palmyre-Atlantique 3Ψ Resort faces the Cordouan lighthouse and gusty ocean waves, perfect for a nature meets fun holiday. The Arvert Peninsula is a particularly good yet safe spot to ride. Strong winds and gentle currents mean you can ride to your heart's content for a moment of pure freedom.

Sicily is also a great place to kitesurf* from mid-May to the end of September. Just head to Cefalù Village, the first Club Med 5Ψ Resort in Europe! Perched on a rocky outcrop, this Italian getaway sits beside the twinkling Mediterranean Sea. So, treat yourself to an adrenalin-pumping experience under a warm Sicilian sun.

*At extra cost

Discover the La Palmyre Atlantique and Cefalù Resorts

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