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Climb, slide, ski, fly, and dive

Whether you're a first-timer or an experienced rider, we offer other fabulous activities in the best destinations on the planet, with specialist G.Os. Group lessons or accessible to all, with or without a coach, your package opens the doors to a whole new world at the most incredible spots… and it is all-included.

Land Sports in Club Med

Club Med offers group beginner/refresher courses that can be included in your package. You can also book one-on-one courses for an extra cost.

If you plan to perfect your aces, opt for a resort with tennis courts such as the Club Med Cancun and the Marrakech La Palmeraie Resorts.

For golf fans, we recommend the facilities in Opio in Provence (France), Da Balaia (Portugal), Bintan Island (Indonesia) and Agadir (Morocco).

For horse riding*, try La Palmyre. Whether you fancy a quiet trek or a good gallop, the choice is there.

Skiers and winter sports fans will love the resorts in the French, Swiss and Italian Alps, as well as the slopes in China, Japan and Canada.

If none of the above fit the bill, there are plenty of other resorts with land sport facilities. Enjoy some altitude with a summer climb up lush mountains in Europe and Asia. Get off the beaten track with some mountain biking. Explore natural landscapes and get some fresh air by going on hikes.

And, if you fancy some acrobatic wizardry, Club Med CREACTIVE by Cirque du Soleil will give you all the thrills you need. Circus activities take centre stage at Club Med Punta Cana and Opio: enter the ring under the watchful eyes of the G.C®s, (Graciouss Circassiens) team, who all trained with Cirque du Soleil. Up your adrenalin on a flying trapeze, practise somersaults on a trampoline, enjoy the fluidity of aerial acrobatics, loop the loop as you bungee dance... Have a blast with your family.

*At extra cost

What's Included

Our all-inclusive sports

🎪 Flying trapeze
🎾 Tennis
👌 Yoga, fitness classes
👟 Gym
🎯 Archery
⚾ Volley ball
⚽ Football
🚵 Mountain biking

*Note: Activities differ by resort

More Activities

At extra costs

  • Golf (outside resort)
  • Spa
  • Horse riding

*Note: Activities differ by resort

Flying Trapeze

Ever wished you could fly? Then give flying trapeze a try. Combining aerobatics, artistic figures, and balance games for real thrill seekers. Protected by a harness and a safety net, you will learn the finer points of “catch”, “weap” and “lay out” and fully enjoy a fascinating sport in our resorts the around the globe.


Discover the most stunning golf courses in the world, where beginners and expert players can work on their swing and perfect their putt in an amazing setting, and with top-quality equipment. From award-winning golf course in Bintan Island to the exotic greens of Mauritius, your perfect golfing holiday is waiting.

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Enjoy playing some tennis at our resorts. Play a game with friends and family or take part in lessons coached by our experienced instructors. If you’re looking to put your skills to the test, take part in tournaments arranged by the Resort.

Recommended resorts for Land Sports and Other Activities

*Note: Activities differ by resort

How to Prepare for Sports Holidays

All-Inclusive sports holiday are not any different from other types of vacations. Pack your necessities, camera and clothes and read on further for our recommendations.

What to Bring

At Club Med, we’ve got all the equipment you’ll need, whether you’re a seasoned professional or you want to learn a new hobby. You may of course, pack your own equipment if you prefer to use your personal set of clubs, snowboard, tennis racket, etc., you’ll need to make arrangements with the airline to bring these.

Aside from equipment, you’ll need to bring your own sports clothing. Make sure to bring at least one extra change of clothes for your chosen activity, though two would be better depending on how many activities you plan on doing. If every day is going to be dedicated to your chosen sport, then you’ll want to bring enough gear as what you would need at home. Don’t forget to bring casual wear, to enjoy dining out and more relaxed activities as well.

Plan Ahead

Before your sports holiday, you’ll want to make sure you’re in top form to enjoy it. For most, you’ll likely spend a lot more time actively participating in your chosen sport than you would at home. It’s important to plan ahead so that these extra demands on the body aren’t so sudden.

If you don’t already exercise regularly, now is the perfect time to start. You’ll easily pick up momentum thanks to your nearing holiday. Start at least a month in advance, building up your cardiovascular fitness by jogging, cycling or even walking. Then, gradually build up your endurance through swimming and progressively longer jogging and cycling sessions. This will enable you to enjoy the full benefits of your sports holiday without burning out by the time you arrive back home.

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