Phuket Town’s “Walking Street” Night Market is arguably one of the best markets to experience when visiting the island. Phuket Sunday Walking Street Market, or Lard Yai Market as it is known to the locals, is certainly one of the top things to do in Phuket Old Town and something that everyone should experience at least once. The market takes place every Sunday from 4pm - 9pm on the historical Thalang Road. The popular road is lined with food and clothing vendors. You can purchase snacks; enjoy live entertainment or just opt to embrace in the lively hustle and bustle of the road during these hours.

Should you need any more reasons to visit this impressive market, Club Med Phuket has derived a list of the top 10 reasons to visit Phuket’s Walking Street Night Market below:

1. Immerse in the Culture

It is indisputable that one of the best places to embrace Thai culture when travelling and holidaying in Thailand is the night markets and Phuket Town’s “Walking Street” Sunday night market is arguably one of the most impressive on the island. Navigate your way through “walking street” and admire the impressive set up - from food vendors and live entertainment to hand-crafted souvenirs and a lively atmosphere, there is plenty to be enjoyed here.

2. Lively Atmosphere

As mentioned above, the atmosphere at this night market is both lively and fun. With entertainment to be enjoyed and delicious food to indulge in, visit Phuket Town’s walking street and you’ll be sure to have a fantastic evening.

3. Fantastic Location

Located in the heart of Phuket Old Town, on the popular Thalang Road, the location of this lively night market is another great reason not to miss out on visiting it.

4. Shop for Clothing

Shop for clothes from local vendors and support their small businesses. You will find some beautiful pieces of both clothing and jewellery for men and women and at exceptionally affordable prices. Unlike visiting a major shopping mall, you will be directly supporting local people and their businesses when purchasing clothes from Phuket Town’s Walking Street night market.

5. Enjoy the Tasty Food and Drink

Did we mention the delicious food on offer at night markets? Tasty, affordable and with an array of dishes on offer, choose to dine Thai style - selecting a few different options to try and enjoy while admiring the local craft stalls. If you want to indulge in some authentic Thai cuisine at local prices, Phuket Town’s Walking Street Market is the perfect place to do so. If you are feeling particularly adventurous, this may be the perfect opportunity for you to try some Thai speciality recipes. There also tend to be a number of stalls selling alcoholic drinks along the street for you to purchase and sip while you stroll.

6. Embrace in the Lively Entertainment

Approximately half way along the walking street you can gather for an array of street performances, music and dancing for your enjoyment. There is a seating area where you can relax and enjoy the performances while nibbling on your food. Feel free to make a conscious contribution to the young artists.

7. Support Local Businesses

All of the vendors who work on stalls along the walking street are local business owners. By purchasing food, drinks, souvenirs and enjoying the entertainment, you are helping to support the local Thai community which is yet another fantastic reason to choose to visit the Phuket Town Walking Street night market.

8. Purchase Authentic Souvenirs

Every holiday requires the essential souvenir shopping trip and Phuket Town’s Sunday Walking Street Market will make your search easy. Find local hand-crafted gifts to bring back home to loved ones while also supporting small, local businesses in doing so.

9. Appreciate the Affordability

Another great reason to visit the Phuket Town Walking Street night market is its affordability. Thai food tends to be priced at more of a local rate, making it easy to purchase a whole range of different food items from sweet and sour to savoury and spicy. There is no denying the affordability of a night market in Thailand.

10. Get a Whole New Perspective of Phuket Town

If you enjoy strolling around Phuket Town in the day time and admiring the stunning sino-portuguese style architecture amongst the streets, you will certainly enjoy taking in a different perspective of Phuket Town - watching it come alive at night, particularly at the likes of the Walking Street night market.

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