5 reasons to go all inclusive this summer

From the first click to the final day, discover why a package holiday at an all-inclusive resort offers the greatest value for money with the lowest level of stress.

1. One booking, zero stress

When booking a package holiday, all you need to decide is where you want to go. There’s no separate searching for accommodation and flights, arranging your transfer from the airport to the hotel, booking excursions and activities, checking local restaurants for quality, or the countless other arrangements that go into creating the perfect holiday for you and your family.

Yes, you can do it all yourself and be your own travel agent but it takes time and patience to research the ideal accommodation in the ideal area with the ideal amenities. Booking an all-inclusive holiday means that the hard work has already been done and all you have to do is turn up to the airport on time and everything else will be taken care of.

And if you’re looking to book your all-inclusive holiday for summer 2021, now is the ideal time as there are a huge amount of deals and deals available, making your next holiday even better value.

2. Something for everyone

If you’re going on holiday as part of a large family or group, it’s almost certain that you’ll all have very different ideas about what makes the perfect break. But at an all-inclusive resort, there’s such a variety of things to do and ways to relax that everyone can create their own holiday heaven. For a brand new experience, think about countries you may not immediately associate with all-inclusive resorts, such as Brazil, Mauritius or Bali. As well as the fine food, sports, activities and relaxation you’d expect, you’ll get a unique insight into a fascinating culture.

All-inclusive resorts have years of experience in providing their guests with all the right ingredients for a perfect break, whether it’s relaxing in the spa or working up a sweat on the tennis court. All our treatments are given by trained experts, while our professional coaches will have your backhand sorted in no time. There’s such a wide range of activities that you’ll be hard pressed to fit it all in.

With all resorts offering kids clubs for all ages within the cost of the holiday, your children will also have a fantastic range of things to do. From going on treasure hunts and putting on a show to building their football skills and learning the flying trapeze, they will be kept busy all day long, giving you plenty of time for a little R&R.

3. Larger resorts mean more activities

The worldwide popularity of all-inclusive holidays means that luxury resorts now cater for a wide range of people with a wide range of interests. That means that your all-inclusive resort is likely to have a huge array of sports and activities available throughout your stay.

From the traditional sports of tennis, golf, sailing, fitness and football to the more unusual activities such as kite surfing, water skiing, wakeboarding, flying trapeze and archery, you have a huge choice when it comes to what to do.

And if you have never tried a certain activity before, an all-inclusive holiday is the perfect time to give it a go. With professional coaches and experts on hand to guide you through your first steps on the golf tee, tennis court, surfboard or even the trapeze, you’ll receive the very best instruction which could spark an interest that may last for years.

4. Park your purse

The beauty of a package holiday is that once you are at your resort you can leave your purse or wallet in the safe. Everything is included in the one price you have already paid – food, drink, activities, sports, kids clubs, entertainment – and all you have to do is lie back and sip your cocktail.

Knowing that you don’t need to put your hand in your pocket for those daily expenses also means that your all-inclusive holiday is great value. Constantly paying for drinks, meals, snacks, entertainment and activities is a significant added cost to a traditional holiday, which can often end up equaling the price of the holiday itself.

By going all-inclusive you’ll know exactly how much money your holiday has cost from the second you book, allowing you to budget and save in advance rather than return home to a credit card bill to repay or an overdraft to clear.

5. Discover something new

The quality and range of food at some premium all-inclusive resorts now rival the best hotels in the world, with many using local recipes and ingredients to give their guests a true flavor of the country they’re visiting. And it’s not just food – local drinks, sightseeing and entertainment will add to your cultural knowledge, and you and your children will have the pleasure of making new friends from around the world.

More than anything, an all-inclusive holiday gives you the time and space to really enjoy your annual break, relaxing with your family and friends without worrying about what to do, how much it costs, and keeping everyone happy. You’ve paid for your holiday – now’s the time to enjoy it.

Take a look at Club Med’s full range of all-inclusive resorts and start thinking about your next holiday.

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