To the south of Bintan Island lies Tanjung Pinang, the largest town in Bintan. Accessible via speedboat or ferry from Singapore, Johor, and Batam, and also by land from anywhere in Bintan Island, there is plenty to do in the area to occupy your day. So if you’re thinking “What is there to see in Bintan?”, then the first place you should consider going to is Tanjung Pinang. Let’s explore what you can do here in this interesting town.

Visit the Village of Senggarang

A short boat ride from Tanjung Pinang city is the little village of Senggarang, where a majority of the villagers are ethnic Chinese who still practice their customs and rituals. In this village, you can see wooden houses built on the water, maintaining a charming sense of nostalgia like a place suspended in time. Many villagers are fishermen, so you will likely see many men fussing about their fishing boats, something you won’t see much of if you came from the big city. Villagers are generally friendly and warm to tourists.

Senggarang is home to many ancient Chinese temples, and these temples are often visited by Singaporeans and ethnic Chinese from other countries who come here to pray. Each temple is said to have their own deities and purposes to pray for, so it would be fascinating for anyone who is interested in culture and mythology. So if you are making it down to Senggarang, then don’t forget to visit these temples and perhaps pray for your own needs as well. It’s clear that Senggarang should be on your “what to see in Bintan” checklist!

Take a Picture in Front of Gonggong Building (Gedung Gonggong)

Gonggong is actually a sea snail that is a local delicacy in Tanjung Pinang, Bintan Island. The Gonggong Building is named such because of its whimsical structure that resembles the shell of this popular sea snail. This building serves as a Tourism Information Center for the area, and also has a large sign that says “Kota Tanjung Pinang”, effectively making it a major landmark for the town. It is also situated on a great spot within Tanjung Pinang where there are great sea views, so take a picture here and then take a few more of the ocean. You can also watch the sunset here, along with other tourists and locals!

Eat Some Fresh, Delicious Seafood

Since Tanjung Pinang is located next to the sea, plenty of seafood restaurants are located in the town that you can go to and eat prawns, crabs, and other yummy seafood to your heart’s content, mostly cooked in the Chinese style. Eat them on their own or paired with fluffy white rice to complete the meal and offer you some much-needed carbohydrates after going around Bintan Island’s Tanjung Pinang. Be sure to have at least one lunch or dinner at one of these establishments, or you will likely regret it.

Other Miscellaneous Activities

Besides the above, there are other activities you can carry out in Tanjung Pinang to make the most of your trip. You can visit some nearby islands, go to the 500 Lohan temple, or simply hang out by the beach with a cool drink. Tanjung Pinang is best enjoyed on a day trip, and with an idea of which places you’ll be visiting. We highly recommend that you take Club Med’s excursion to Tanjung Pinang so we can sort out the details for you; at the same time, when you stay with us you’ll have all your other needs taken care of in our all-inclusive resort package. After all, you came to Bintan Island for a vacation, and we strive to give you a great one!

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