Christmas in Seychelles

How about spending your Christmas holiday exploring the Seychelles archipelago? Lazing on beautiful white sand beaches in front of turquoise waters, visiting small towns festively decorated with Christmas lights, enthralled by fireworks for New Years in the heart of the Indian Ocean... A trip to the Seychelles during the holidays end of year is perfect idea for all those who want to spend a holiday both festive and relaxing in an enchanting country.

The stunning Seychelles Islands

Fly to a true paradise on earth by choosing the Seychelles archipelago as a destination for your Christmas holidays. The islands of Mahé, Praslin, Saint-Anne or even the island of La Digue are among the main islands to visit during a stay in the Seychelles. From coves to beaches you can spot magical dolphins or sea turtles during your vacation on the Seychelles islands - even a land turtle once you land on the ground! Excursions to different Seychelles islands will allow you to experience the different atmospheres – so take advantage of the hustle and bustle of the capital Victoria on the island of Mahé, the tranquility of the most beautiful beaches in the world on the island of Praslin or take a trip back in time to the island of La Digue where no cars are available and where you can only get around in a bullock cart. A program as varied as it is interesting!

Did you know ?

The beaches of Seychelles at Christmas are not only suitable for relaxation, the climate is perfect for a myriad of aquatic activities. The transparent water makes it possible to indulge in snorkelling or scuba diving to admire the seabed and the tropical species that live there. It is also possible to swim, kayak, or paddle. Approximate water temperature at Christmas: 28 ° C.

Enjoy the festive Christmas spirit in the Seychelles

Going to Seychelles at Christmas is an opportunity to discover the history and culture of these islands while allowing you to enjoy the festive atmosphere of the tropics at the end of the year. In the capital of Victoria, on the island of Mahé, you can stroll through the alleys in which the Creole houses lining the streets are decorated with Christmas lights. In the Seychelles, Christmas is a time of celebration and discovery of all the other riches adorning this city. If you love nature, the botanical garden will enthral you and you will be able to observe giant turtles. For history enthusiasts, there are museums steeped in history, craft galleries and the great market of Sir Selwyn Selwyn Clarke to amaze you.

A gourmet Christmas spread in Seychelles

Going to Seychelles at Christmas is the perfect opportunity to familiarize yourself with exotic Seychellois cuisine. Here Chinese, French, Indian and African influences have fused with local traditions. In Seychelles, all dishes are generally spiced up with spices and aromatic herbs. Fruits, rice and sweet potatoes accompany the dishes, as do bird eggs. For those with a sweet tooth, you can try the sweet potato cake with vanilla and many other delicacies of this archipelago. Don't wait any longer to celebrate your next Christmas in Seychelles! For a guaranteed change of scenery, it is the perfect destination for the holiday season.

Discover our resort in Seychelles


Immerse yourself in a real paradise of green and blue and explore the little islands set in the Indian Ocean and their tropical flowers. At the heart of the Seychelles archipelago and a protected national marine park, the island of Saint Anne is home to a single and unique hotel: the Club Med Seychelles Resort. Adults and children will awaken their inner Robinson Crusoe on a holiday in total harmony with nature and where many of the activities are directly connected to the Indian Ocean and its sublimely beautiful scenery. Trekking, free diving and glass-bottomed kayaks are just some of the pleasures that can be shared, all designed to promote well-being and induce happiness in every member of the family. Turquoise waters, white sandy beaches edged with rocks, hills covered in lush vegetation - looks like you've found the backdrop to your next holiday.

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