I want to create a second great members account for a member of my household.

Your Great Members number is the key to accessing your status and the benefits to which it entitles you. All members of a household have the same status and thus enjoy the same benefits. It is therefore not necessary to have several accounts to take advantage of your benefits.

I have forgotten my Great Members number. What do I do?

Don’t worry, contact the call centre on 0008000404477, provide them with your full name and email and they will then provide you with your Great Members number.

How can I change my contact information?

You can change your contact information online at www.clubmed.co.in in your Member Space or contact the call centre.

My name is misspelled. What do I do?

If you notice a mistake or your name has changed, you can update your contact information at www.clubmed.co.in in your Member Space (My profile section) or contact the call centre.

What do I do to make sure all of my household’s stays are automatically credited?

Simply state your Great Members number when you make a reservation, when checking in for your stay and when you spend money in the Resorts.

I’m traveling with friends, can I use their stays to sustain my status?

Your status is calculated for your household, so you cannot benefit from your friends’ stays. Your friends will have their own status on their own GM number.

Can my children join the Great Members program?

Your Great Members Status applies to all members of your household. If your children live with you, they are automatically part of the program. When traveling with you, they do contribute to your status and therefore enjoy the same benefits. Children are part of the home up to 18 years.

My wife/husband also has a Great Members status. How can we merge the 2?

If your wife (husband) and you have 2 different accounts and you only want to keep one of them, contact the call centre and they will take care of merging your 2 accounts into one. Your status will then be determined by the account history of the two previously separate accounts.

When the program is launched, how will my status be calculated?

Your status has been calculated based on the stays of members of your household over the last 3 years (November 2013 - October 2016). We also took into account the number of stays and purchases made in Resorts.

What point scale is used to calculate points?

The scale in the GM’s country of reference is taken into account. For instance: a Malaysian living in Singapore with a Singaporean residence address will be given the number of points based on the Singaporean scale.

What expenditures are taken into account when calculating points associated with reservations?

The number of points is based on the amount of the full package at the time of reservation, i.e. total admission fees, other dues, the stay, the trip, services, etc.

I have Gold status but only 30,000 points. How is that possible?

You acquire Gold status when you have 50,000 points. You keep this status until October 31. Your total number of points is updated daily on the basis of a three-year history, starting from the date you returned from your stay. If you do not earn additional points before October 31, you will drop to Silver status.

How long are my points valid?

All points earned are valid for three years starting from the date of your return from a stay.

How long is my status valid?

Your status is valid for 1 year until October 31 of the following year. However, if your stays made during the year allow you to go up a status, you can take advantage of your new status as soon as you return home from the stay granting you this new status.

How do I take advantage of the benefits to which my status entitles me?

As soon as your status gives you access to exclusive benefits, you will be notified and automatically be able to enjoy them. To find out how to enjoy all your benefits, go to your Member Space on the website www.clubmed.co.in, under “Great Members Program”.

How can I find out in detail what benefits my Great Members status entitles me to?

For Silver, Gold & Platinum members, you can find out all the details of the program in the Welcome Pack you received in November. You can also find out more information online at www.clubmed.co.in in your Member Space.

When is my status updated?

In November of each year. If during the year your stays cause you to go up a status, you will enjoy this status and its benefits. Your status is updated the day after you return from a stay; you can track its changes in your Member Space. You will never go down a status during the year. If your status changes during the year, it will only go up a level.

How can I change my status?

Your status is calculated according to 4 criteria: the amount paid when making your reservation, the amounts spent in Resorts and the number of stays for your entire household over the past 3 years. Based on these 4 criteria, you will receive one of the following statuses: Turquoise, Silver, Gold or Platinum. Your will become Turquoise from your very 1st stay. You will become Silver when you obtain 18,000 points, at 50,000 Gold, and at 100,000 Platinum.

How can I join the Great Members program?

Joining the Great Members Program is automatic from your very 1st stay. Once you’ve joined the program, you will receive an e-mail or letter telling you about it and your Great Members status.

How much time do I have to wait for a stay to be credited?

The day after you return from your stay, your stay and all expenditures associated with it are credited to your status. In your Great Members Space, your status will be updated. If your last stay allows you to change status, you will enjoy this new status upon your return for future trips.

Is the Great Members program restricted to certain countries?

The program is global and accessible to all countries where Club Med is present and the benefits are given in all Club Med Resorts.

I do not show for my stay and have paid. Will the points related to my booking be included in my status?

Yes. Given that you have paid, the points related to your booking will thus be taken into account.

I have Turquoise status, but I have not traveled for more than a year now. Will I continue to retain my status for 3 more years?

Your Turquoise status is calculated based on the past 3 years. Your status is retained for 3 years since your last stay.If your last stay at Club Med was over 3 years ago, you will no longer be a member of the program. If your last stay was 2 years ago, you will maintain your status for just another year. Your new stay(s) will prolong your status in the program for 3 years.

How can I get a user guide describing the Great Members Program?

For Silver, Gold & Platinum members, you can find out all the details of the program in the Welcome Pack you received in November. You can also find out all the information online at www.clubmed.co.in in your Member Space.

My status has not changed since my last stay, I think it wasn’t credited. What do I do?

You can contact the call centre or check your Member Space on Club Med website to find out if your status has changed. If not, please send an email to Customer Relations telling them which stay was not credited. Please ensure to always mention your Great Members number.

Can I exchange my points for discounts, specific or other benefits?

No, points are not a currency. Points collected enable members to access a status and enjoy the benefits associated therewith.