Seychelles. A trip to the heart of a wonderful culture

The Seychelles Islands form a vast archipelago comprising almost 115 islands in the Indian Ocean. As you fly to Seychelles to enjoy magnificent beaches and coral reefs of unrivalled beauty, you will also discover a dense and diverse culture of immense wealth. Travel to the heart of an amazing culture where kindness is an integral part of the way of life. Immerse yourself in the culture of the Seychelles.

A rich history born of a diverse culture

A diverse history contributes greatly to the culture in Seychelles. A myriad of different ethnicities - African, European, Arab and Indian people - live in a harmonious country where diversity is an integral part of the landscape. Even if Catholicism is the most common religion in Seychelles, Hinduism and Islam contribute to the religious environment. Culture in Seychelles transports you to a world with both Creole and Western influences. This heritage is found through a particularly diverse architecture. Indeed, you can admire the majestic colonial mansions that transport you to another era.

Did you know ?

There are 3 official languages ​​on the Seychelles islands. Even though Seychellois Creole is widely represented, French and English are also common languages.

From gastronomy to entertainment, the culture in Seychelles is rich

The culture in Seychelles is celebrated through its cuisine which takes its inspiration from a multitude of exotic influences. Like the history of the country, the cuisine in Seychelles is rich and varied. Seafood is popular throughout the archipelago and you can awaken your taste buds by sampling fish or octopus grilled over a wood fire. Curries or manzé kreol are also on offer. If looking for refreshment, many drinks will delight your palate. Do not hesitate to taste the bacca, a rum made from sugar cane and pineapple. Another must-try is Calou - a liqueur made from fermented coconut sap. Two local beers are brewed in the archipelago: the Seybrew and the Ecu which are very popular with Seychellois. Seychellois know how to have fun and dance is part of the Seychellois lifestyle. You can admire the local people dancing the Sega (a dance mainly from Madagascar) and other rhythmic dances of Seychelles accompanied by instruments such as the violin, banjo, and other traditional instruments such as Kaskavel or the Mouloumba (two bamboo instruments with seeds inside). In addition, the Creole music festival or the international carnival in Victoria will help make your trip to Seychelles memorable and colourful.

Culture in Seychelles, or far-reaching know-how

During your trip to Seychelles, you will discover an array of arts and crafts created from coconuts. Local markets are full of traditional handmade items, such as baskets and woven hats for example. Seychellois artistry is illustrated through meticulous objects where attention to detail will not escape you. A must-see is the "coconut buttock", the famous sea coconut carved and decorated with seeds. However, be aware that you will need to request a certificate of sale to be able to take it out of the country. Literature, even if it is unknown to the general public, testifies to the richness of culture in Seychelles. Many recognized Creole authors have left their mark and the famous poet Antoine Abel is recognized in Seychelles. Tradition to tell tales and legends orally is an important part of culture in Seychelles. Culture in Seychelles is at the height of the landscapes: exceptional and unforgettable. You will spend a memorable stay, rich in discoveries and colourful.

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Immerse yourself in a real paradise of green and blue and explore the little islands set in the Indian Ocean and their tropical flowers. At the heart of the Seychelles archipelago and a protected national marine park, the island of Saint Anne is home to a single and unique hotel: the Club Med Seychelles Resort. Adults and children will awaken their inner Robinson Crusoe on a holiday in total harmony with nature and where many of the activities are directly connected to the Indian Ocean and its sublimely beautiful scenery. Trekking, free diving and glass-bottomed kayaks are just some of the pleasures that can be shared, all designed to promote well-being and induce happiness in every member of the family. Turquoise waters, white sandy beaches edged with rocks, hills covered in lush vegetation - looks like you've found the backdrop to your next holiday.

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