Discover winter sports at Club Med

All-inclusive offers in the mountains

Ski and Snowboarding Lessons

Bring home new skills thanks to our professional instructors who will make sure you have an enjoyable learning experience

Discover Snow Activities With Us

Snow trekking, snowman building, ice village... So much to enjoy on our All-Inclusive snow holidays

There Is So Much More Than Snow

There is something for everyone – hot drink in front of a panoramic view, outdoor bath, spa, great activities to share moments as a family

A Typical Day at Club Med

At Club Med, a day at a snow destination means enjoying everything the mountains have to offer. Ever wondered what a typical day at a mountain resort is like?

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A Typical Day at Mini Club Med

At Club Med, your kids ages 4 to 10 can fully enjoy their ski day under the watchful eyes of our G.Os. Discover a typical day at Mini Club Med!

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How To Choose The Best Package For You?

Our ideal selection of Resorts for a first Club Med ski trip

Everything in one price

What You Need To Know Before Your Stay

Before Your Stay

From the moment you book until the moment you arrive, we will be here to guide you through each step and help you prepare your trip with no stress.

Getting Started On A Snow Holiday At Club Med

Discover everything you need to know about winter sports at Club Med, to fully enjoy your trip, starting from day one.

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Here Are Our Packing Tips


✔️ Bath towels
✔️ Shower gel and shampoo
✔️ Towels for the pool


✔️ Your passport and identification documents
✔️ A warm waterproof coat*
✔️ A ski jumpsuit*
✔️ Thermal tee shirts
✔️ A sweater or fleece
✔️ A hat or headband
✔️ A neckband or scarf
✔️ A pair of gloves
✔️ High socks
✔️ Ski tights
✔️ Ski mask
✔️ Ski goggles
✔️ Full spectrum sunblock made for skiing

Rental of ski/snowboard equipment is available at the Resort. This includes notably ski, snowboard, ski poles, boots, helmet. A Boutique is available for purchase of the above products onsite.

*Available for rental at the Resort

Are You Travelling With Children?

Here are a few tips to help you pack for kids


✔️ Bath towels
✔️ Shower gel and shampoo
✔️ Towels for the pool, if there is one
✔️ Helmets are included for guests up to 12 years old when you rent ski equipment from Club Med


✔️ Your children’s passports and identification documents
✔️ Good quality, warm and waterproof clothes for skiing: a warm and waterproof coat*, a ski suit*, thermal tees, a fleece, a hat or headband, a neckband or scarf, a pair of gloves or mittens, long socks and ski tights, a ski mask or ski goggles, and full spectrum sunscreen for skiing
✔️ A change of clothes that your children are comfortable in
✔️ A small bag to store items throughout the day
✔️ Over-the-counter medication for emergencies

*Available for rental at the Resort

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