Club Med is partnering with 20th Century Fox’s upcoming animated comedy movie “Spies In Disguise” only in cinemas, for an exciting new Mini Club experience, that aims to stir curiosity and adventure through spy-themed activities.

Kids from 4 to 10 years old will get a chance to be part of the Club Med Spy Academy. This training school for mini spies hidden in the resort, will teach them detective skills through various missions, for them to become the ultimate spy.

Available in selected resorts from November 2019 to April 2020*.

*Subject to changes

The Mission

The world needs help. The world’s greatest super spy Lance Sterling, and his gadget inventor Walter Beckett are recruiting a new team of secret agents to join them on a top-secret mission.

Hidden within Club Med resorts across Asia are elite spy academies, disguised as holiday destinations to protect their locations. Once you go through the training missions in the academy, and successfully graduate as a super spy, you’ll be able to join Lance’s team!

So do you have what it takes to become an ultimate spy and help Lance save the earth?

Spy Academy

Children will receive their Spy Kit upon registration at the Mini Club, officially inducting them into the exclusive Club Med Spy Academy. Each day of the week, the children will be assigned top secret missions, and for each successful completion they will earn a stamp in their spy passport, bringing them closer to becoming a ultimate spy. Children can look forward to learning the art of camouflage, trying their hand out at deciphering codes, and crafting their own invisible ink – all necessary skills and tools for a super spy.

Spy Academy is available in the following resorts