Are your children already getting excited to see the snow? Club Med is here to help you pack their cases

Thinking about introducing your family to skiing this winter? Set yourself up for a great holiday with our what to bring skiing checklist. Pack your suitcases, Club Med will handle the rest.

Practicality and comfort; the ideal ski clothing for your children

To ensure you leave home with peace of mind, make a list of the ski essentials you need to pack for your children. Sunscreen, lip salve, sunglasses with side protection, snow boots, beanie hat, etc. Just tick them off one by one as you pack their bags.

At Club Med, children can discover the delights of winter sports from the age of 4. To ensure that they can make progress on the slopes and not catch a cold, allow three layers of clothing, particularly if you're going on holiday in the coldest part of the winter (your cases will be lighter in the spring):

  • A breathable layer to wick away perspiration, like a T-shirt or stretch roll-neck pullover that also offer great freedom of movement.

  • An insulating layer composed of a lightweight fleece, micro-down jacket or a classic pullover that keeps the warm air in.

  • A protective, water-repellent, wind-proof layer, such as an impermeable coat or jacket, both of which are more technical garments.

Your children will be ready for anything - snowboard, skiing or snowshoe trekking on the snowy peaks.

Pack your case without having to worry about equipment

Be it in Hokkaido, Japan - Tomamu, Sahoro, and our newly opened Kiroro Peak or our resorts in the European Alps - Alpe d'Huez, Les Arcs Panorama, Grand Massif Samoëns Morillon, Peisey-Vallandry, Valmorel, the winter sports season is fast approaching and there are many family resorts ready to welcome the entire family.

Ski equipment, sportswear and après-ski outfits, a holiday in the mountains can take a bit of organisation. What if your winter sports equipment was already ready and waiting on-site? The Facilitate Your Arrival service makes your life easier. Your children can decide in advance which activities they want to take part in, and Club Med will provide suitable equipment at an extra charge. Register your preferences online before you leave home and your G.Os will make sure everything's prepared. It's almost like being on holiday before you arrive.

Comfortable clothing to ensure every moment is enjoyable

After a day of adventures, your children will love chilling out in comfortable clothing. Fleeces, thick sweatshirts, zipped gilets that are easy to slip on and take off if they get too hot: they'll really enjoy a hot chocolate in the cosy atmosphere of your resort.

Your teens' ski suitcase should also contain a few special outfits. At Club Med, the nights are as thrilling as the days: events, shows, discos, and guaranteed fun at Junior Club Med or Club Med Passworld. At Petit Club Med and Mini Club Med, kids can get together for an evening with their friends.

At Club Med, every moment is an experience of fun and discovery.

Discover our favourite snow resorts

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