Club Med for Kidsaged 4 to 10

They'll have fun and strut their stuff at Mini Club Med®

and it's all included in your package

We’ve created Mini Club Med® just for 4 to 10 year olds, a kid’s version of Club Med that’s just as amazing as the grown-up one. On offer: spaces, meals, and activities designed especially for children of this age, and all supervised by our G.Os®. Your k…

Welcome to Mini Club Med®

sharing, discovery, and emulation

The Mini Club Med® experience adapts both to your childrens' ages and to their continually blossoming personalities. Divided into three age groups (4-5 years, 6-7 years, and 8-10 years), kids will explore activities organised by the G.Os® each day according to a programme featuring four themes: sports, creativity, expression, and games.

Flying trapeze, introduction to water skiing, horseback riding, cooking classes, plastic arts, music, dance, games, discovering nature, shows...All of the activities on offer at Mini Club Med® are included in your all-inclusive package.

Is it time for lunch yet?

at Mini Club Med® or by your side

At Mini Club Med®, everything is arranged so that guests take their meals and snacks in the company of G.Os® at the Baby Restaurant. But you’re also free to spend this time with your child: nothing is mandatory. Our Chefs take extra care to develop dishes that cater to the needs of each age group, and above all that are mouth-wateringly delicious. Even the fussiest little gourmets will have no trouble finishing their plates…

Shared moments between parents and children

fun activities to share as a family

Shows, snacks, dance and cooking classes, sporting tournaments…Organised by Mini Club Med’s® G.Os®, these moments allow parents and kids to rediscover one another by taking part in activities together. You might get to see your little boy lose all his shyness once he’s on stage, or your older daughter, who’s ever so reserved at home, exhibit the traits of a natural-born leader…

Lessons à la carte

Little athletes, this is for you!

Just like adults, kids can enjoy our à la carte sporting lessons to explore or expand their passions during their school holidays. These classes feature reasonably-sized groups (less than 10 children), a playful approach, and dozens of different lessons depending on the Village. Our best-sellers:

* Golf lessons (8 years and older): 1.5 hours per day for three days to learn the basics of or polish up on a swing, all while having loads of fun.

* Tennis lessons (7 years and older): for one hour per day for three days, discover the secret techniques of the small yellow ball and sharpen your game.

* Pony lessons (4 years and older): two hours per day for six days, kids will be introduced to the joys of horseback riding featuring riding, walking, and recovery techniques.

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