Leave now to admire the wonders of Africa! Head to Tunisia or Morocco where Fez, the imperial city, invites you into a world filled with oriental colours and perfumes. Between golf, mountain biking, or even surfing, you will share wonderful moments with your family, couple or friends in an exceptional setting. Continue your expedition to Senegal or in South Africa to see the Cape of Good Hope with your own eyes. Will you be ready to live all these experiences?


Morocco offers snow-capped mountains, a rugged coastline, and the expanse of the Sahara with its oasis and palm groves. Sipping mint tea in a riad, exploring the labyrinth of historic medinas and souks, a possible camel trek.


Bordered by the Atlantic to the west, Senegal is a land of extraordinary natural beauty. Vibrant, glittering, elegant cities to the north. Coconut groves, fine sandy beaches, sensational diving, or slow lazy moments to the south.


Tunisia blends ancient and modern cultures, from the ruins of Carthage to the contemporary metropolis of Ottoman Tunis. Add the dunes of the Sahara and the golden beaches on the Mediterranean's sparkling blue waters. Perfection!

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