About 47km from Kuantan, you will be surprised to find an idyllic vacation spot that many may not know about. Cherating is a coastal town on the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia that boasts beautiful sandy beaches, warm water and tropical rainforest. Besides its natural beauty, there is also much to do in Cherating that will delight all types of visitors. Whether you are there to unwind or to bond with your loved ones, this is the perfect retreat that is both exciting and relaxing!

Furthermore, Cherating is also home to Asia’s first Club Med resort, an all-inclusive resort that caters to your every need while providing world-class service, facilities and activities. Here is some information about Cherating that will entice you to visit:

Top Attractions in Cherating

You will never run out of things to see in Cherating. Here is an eclectic list of top things to do and see here:

  1. Cherating Turtle Sanctuary: If you are an animal-lover or care about conservation, you must visit this place. Located just next to Club Med, this turtle sanctuary is a great place for kids and adults alike. There are rehabilitating sea turtles here and you may also be lucky to see some baby turtles that are waiting to be released to the sea.

Visitors can also take part in the night tours which will allow you to see the turtles in action, laying eggs by the shore and covering them up with sand. This is a great experience to be part of the turtle conservation efforts!

  1. Mangrove River and Fireflies Tour: Another popular attraction in Cherating is the mystical mangrove river which is home to very diverse flora and fauna. This is indeed a unique sight in Cherating and is quite different from the usual hiking expedition in the forest. You can choose to join the mangrove river cruise to observe the lives of the many plants and animal species from a boat cruising down the river, or opt for the fireflies tour at night.

The latter will allow you to see these magical creatures adorning the trees making them look like Christmas trees in the silence of the pitchblack night. Truly an unforgettable experience!

  1. Sungai Lembing Mines: Located about an hour from Cherating, you will find one of the deepest mines in the world and even get to sit in the minecart to experience what it was like to be working in the mine. Be sure to also check out the local town and markets nearby after the mine tour to get a glimpse of local life here!

Top Cherating Activities

Besides the turtle sanctuary, mangrove river and mines, there is also much to do at Cherating Beach. The sand here is white and fine, with soft lapping waves and shady coconut trees lining the shore of the beach. Not only that, the water sports offering here is vast, which includes surfing, kayaking, sea scooters and more. If you are staying at Club Med Cherating, there are many activities you can take part in such as kayaking, sailing and jet skiing if you would like to be out in the open water.

Besides water sports, the next best thing to do is to just lounge by the beach or poolside and soak in the tranquility of nature. If you would like to be in nature but to be moving as well, check out the jungle treks available in the rainforest or sign up for rock climbing!

Top Cherating Food

If you are a foodie, don’t worry as there are plenty of food options in Cherating that will delight your taste buds!

Fresh seafood is a must-try here, and you will never run out of choices with the many restaurants and food stalls offering all types of seafood dishes. Whether you would like to try Malay seafood dishes that are mainly grilled and tend to be spicier, or Chinese style that is steamed or stir-fried, there is something for everyone.

You can head towards the stalls and restaurants lining the coast of Cherating to sample some of these dishes. Guests at Club Med Cherating will be pleased to find some of these dishes in any of our three restaurants: The Mutiara, The Rembulan or The Noodle Bar. Even better, you can try your hand at cooking your own Malaysian dish at our cooking class!

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