If you’re planning a trip to Phuket sometime soon, you may want to know when the best time to visit Phuket is. Of course, the first thing would be to know when Phuket’s monsoon season is so that you can avoid getting stuck in heavy rainfalls during your trip. After all, this location is known most for its beautiful beaches and vibrant outdoor environment, so you would want most of your trip’s weather to be sunny or cloudy.

Best Time to Travel to Phuket for Beach Activities

If basking in Phuket’s sunshine is what you are after, plan a trip to this region between December and March. During these months, Phuket’s monsoon seasons have ended and you should have plenty of hot and humid Phuket weather to frolic by the beach, engage in water sports, enjoy a romantic honeymoon, and go sight-seeing around the region. However, it’s important to note that because of the wonderful weather at this time, December and January usually attract the highest amounts of tourists, which means you need to be okay with a large number of people at most tourist attractions. Prices for items will also be the highest at this time due to the large influx of visitors, but the nightlife especially will be much more upbeat and exciting.

For the purposes of diving, you can consider coming in November and December for the best visibility and less congested spots. Any time between November and April is suitable for this water activity, though. One important thing to note if you are a surfer though: surfing season in Phuket is actually in low season in the middle of the year instead of during peak season. So plan accordingly if the main reason for your visit is to surf and not just enjoy the sunshine.

Low Season: The Best Time to Visit Phuket for Shopping and Surfing

Low season in Phuket is during the monsoon season, where the province sees a lot of rainfall. This usually occurs between the months of April to November, though the highest rainfall occurs between June and October. Low season is the perfect time to travel if you’re on a budget, because prices for most things drop and at the same time, there are fewer tourists everywhere in Phuket. Of course, this comes at the trade-off of having to deal with some rainfall, but it should be reassuring to know that the weather is usually still warm despite the rain and you could still see some sunny days during your trip. For surfing though, low season is when the waves are the best for you to take your board out, and there are sometimes surf competitions during this period in Phuket at well.

For avid shoppers, Phuket and other tourist areas in Thailand have a mega sale called “The Amazing Grand Sale” annually that runs from mid-June to mid-August. This sale features discounts that sometimes go up to 80%, so be sure to have plenty of cash or your credit card ready to shop to your heart’s content. In Phuket, the best shopping spots are in and around the Phuket Town area, so add that to your visit list when you plan your holiday.

Every Time is the Best Time to Visit Phuket with Club Med!

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