Taking a dip in the sea is a refreshing experience especially if you’ve spent most of your life in the city, but perhaps you want a change of scenery while maintaining the aquatic theme. Not to worry, there are a number of places in Bintan you can play tourist at and still have lots of splashing fun, without needing to burn under the sun at the beach! Here are our top picks of wet and wild places you can stop by during your Bintan tour.

Crystal Lagoon Salt Water Park

Fun for the entire family, Crystal Lagoon is Bintan’s very popular water theme park where you can do a variety of activities in pristine and filtered seawater. Some of the activities for adrenaline junkies include the Jetovator, which allows you to propelled and elevated mid-air above water, and the cable ski facility which lets you glide on the water with the wind slapping your face. There is also a Water Sports Park with obstacle courses for the competitive. Couples looking for something more laidback may enjoy the Solar Boat ride or Water Tricycle, while children can splash around in shallower water or build sandcastles in the sandpit. If you’re staying at Club Med Bintan Island, do inquire with us so you can join our excursion to this amazing Bintan water theme park.

Go on a Bintan Mangrove Tour

Bintan has a selection of amazing mangrove forests, some which are close to our Club Med Bintan resort. In fact, we offer a Mangrove Discovery Tour in Club Med Bintan, which is a two-hour excursion down Sebung river in where you can take in the beautiful sights. While you don’t get wet per se during this Bintan tour, it’s still a nice aquatic experience. Alternatively, you can opt Ecoholic Mangrove Day Cruise for a more luxurious trip to look at the mangrove setting, or our Fireflies Night Tour to see the mangroves at night and spot some beautiful fireflies.

Visit Lake Lagoi

If you have some spare time and want a serene place to take a morning jog, you can consider going to Lake Lagoi. It mostly has locals spending their day there, either for walks or picnics. However, you can also opt to go for pedal boat rides on the lake. For more things to do around Lagoi, you can also join our Bintan tour to Lagoi Safari Farm, where you can see a variety of farm animals, vegetables, and fruits.

Engage in Pool Activities

You don’t have to go far or even to a Bintan water theme park to get yourself some splashing fun if you stay at Club Med Bintan Island. You have the option to join our aquafitness classes as well as engage in some water polo. For the former, it’s a class open to those above 16 years of age, and you’ll have an amazing time moving your body in the swimming pool gently to the flow of music against the resistance of the water. For something more faster-paced, start a game of water polo with your gang and laugh, shout, and splash while getting in a good workout too.

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