Thinking of booking a stay with us at Club Med Phuket? You may be wondering what kind of activities we provide other than excellent eating, drinking, and sleeping arrangements. We have a variety of land sports and activities for you to engage in, but in this piece, we’ll tell you about the water sports facilities we have at our amazing Club Med Phuket resort. Mainly there are two types: scuba diving, and snorkelling.

Scuba Diving: A Popular Option at the Club Med Phuket Resort

Scuba diving is a must-do as a water sport in Phuket - the proximity you have to the clear, well-maintained waters would be a waste otherwise. However, you do need to learn how to scuba dive before doing it without assistance, and ideally, you should also get your Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) license so that you can freely scuba dive anywhere in the world. Luckily, you can do one or both with courses we provide at our Club Med Phuket resort. However, do note that the courses and certification come with an extra cost that you will need to add on to your accommodation package. Here are the courses you can sign up for if you are interested!

First Dive (Adults, Beginners) - PADI Discover Scuba Diving
This course allows you to do 3 dives in the duration of two days, with one dive in the pool/sea, and another two shallow sea dives. Guests above the age of 10 can sign up for this course, and this is the best value one if you have a smaller budget and just want a quick scuba diving experience and are still in the discovery stage.

Beginners' Diving Course - PADI Scuba Diver
Also suitable for beginners, this scuba diving course is also open to guests above the age of 10. With this one, you get 3 swimming pool dives, 2 accompanied sea dives, as well as 3 theory lessons. This option gives you a more comprehensive learning experience compared to the previous option and can be considered if you truly love diving and want to learn the nitty-gritty as a beginner.

Beginners' Diving Course - PADI Open Water Diver
The most comprehensive learning experience for beginner scuba diving, this course includes 5 pool dives, 4 accompanied sea dives, and 5 theory lessons. Learn everything you need to know to dive safely over a period of 4 days, and if you want to get your PADI certification, don’t forget to bring along some extra cash and 2 identity photos!

Advanced Accompanied Diving Package - PADI Advanced Open Water Diver
For those who are past the beginner level, this course may be a good fit. With 5 accompanied sea dives over 3 days, including two compulsory dives (which is a deep dive and underwater orientation drive), this course ensures you really maximize your time underwater in Phuket. Unlike the rest, this course is open to those who are 12 years of age and above, instead of 10 years. If you want a shorter option, there is another course available which involves 4 accompanied sea dives over 2 days.

Water Sports in Phuket is Not Complete Without Snorkelling

If scuba diving is not quite your thing, don’t worry because we also offer snorkelling at our Club Med Phuket resort. You will be brought to one of 3 different snorkelling spots, located about 30 minutes away from our resort. There, you will put on the needed equipment and descend into the ocean in shallow waters to look at the colourful reef and gorgeous fishes swimming below the surface. For your safety, you are required to wear a life jacket and undergo a swimming test. This activity also may not be carried out if weather conditions are unsuitable.

Enjoy these water sports activities and more at our Club Med Phuket resort! Enjoy delicious meals, comfortable rooms, all-you-can-drink beverages, and a wide array of activities to engage in solo or with your party throughout your stay. There’s really no reason to hesitate, learn more by clicking here!

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