A Guide To Saint Anne Marine National Park

If you love fish, coral and snorkelling then you’ll be at home at Sainte Anne Marine National Park. Club Med Seychelles is based at the heart of this region and offers a short boat ride to some of the most amazing underwater sights that the sea can offer. It truly is a national treasure you need to visit.

Island life

The Marine Park was created in 1973 and was the first of its kind to offer protection for wildlife in the Indian Ocean. That means fishing or water-skiing are banned in the area, giving the fish and plants the chance to thrive. There are designated areas for snorkelling and picnics but the lack of motor engines means the Park has its own quiet charm. If you do feel the need for a little speed there are plenty of boat rides available to take a tour.

As well as Sainte Anne, the Park covers five other islands: Moyenne, Round, Long, Cer and Ile Cachée which only make up one fifth of the entire area – most of which is coral reef. All have glorious beaches and are well worth visiting.

Since 2005, the Park has become a major tourist attraction which helps pay for its upkeep. 40,000 people visit every year, so it must be doing something right and resorts such as the new Club Med Seychelles are raising these numbers all the time.

A glorious garden

At the Park, you’ll be able to experience glorious coral gardens and a wide variety of fish including reef sharks, pipefish, bottlenose dolphins as well as the much loved turtles. Also notable is the largest seagrass meadow in the Seychelles. These waving fields of underwater plants are an amazing sight to behold for snorkelers and a pleasure to swim through. Bring your underwater camera or you’ll regret it forever.

In all, the Park has 75 species of flora, such as mosses, lichens, seaweed, algae and coastal shrubs and plantations. On your trip you’ll have the chance to see 1,000 varieties of fish, amphibians and reptiles. A guided tour could be the best way to see the highlights but you’re also free to make your own way around the many glories on show.

Dry and wet

The park's best snorkelling spots are at the Sainte Anne Channel between Sainte Anne and Moyenne where there are over 150 species of marine life and the corals are abundant in colour. But there are plenty of options for those who love to browse the seabed.

For others who don’t want to get into the water, a glass bottom boat tour might be ideal, especially if you’re with the family. You’ll be able to experience everything from a seated position and enjoy the sun at the same time. The clear water means visibility is never an issue.

Leave it all behind

The Park is open every day all year round from 6:30 am to 5:30 pm but you’ll need to buy a (free) ticket to enter. November to February is the best time to see the coral.

Above all, you mustn’t leave anything behind or take anything away. The pristine nature of the area is its main selling point and local authorities are determined to keep it that way. Park rangers make regular patrols so make sure you behave!

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