For those looking for a fun-filled vacation in Malaysia, be sure to check out Pahang as there is a vast selection of water sports activities there. Located about 3 hours from Kuala Lumpur, the beaches in Pahang are perfect for a quick beach and nature getaway with swaying coconut trees and tranquil clear water.

Here are some exciting water sports activities you can do in Pahang, especially on the beaches of Cherating, Teluk Cempedak and Balok:


Canoeing or kayaking is a beginner-friendly activity suitable for all. All you need is a boat with oars and some arm strength, and you can venture out into the water and explore at your own pace. This is a great way to get to know the area out in the open sea where you can enjoy the sea breeze and views at the same time.

You can rent a canoe or kayak at the beach and some resorts, so do check with where you are staying. Guests at Club Med Cherating Beach will be pleased to know that there is free access to kayaking for all guests above the age of 6 with life jackets provided. Venture out by yourself, with a loved one or with a group for a fun-filled time!

River Rafting

Another great but not overhyped water sport activity is river rafting. Malaysia is a wonder of nature and Pahang especially has many amazing rivers that offer river rafting for individuals or groups. River rafting involves cruising down the river on either a rubber or bamboo raft, and can be quite relaxing or thrilling depending on how high the water level is.

This is a great activity that is both fun but also a wonderful experience to check out the river and ecosystem around the riverbank. There are several places that offer river rafting in Pahang like Kuala Tahan, Jeram Besu and Taman Negara. Be sure to try out this activity whenever you need an escape from the stress of city life!


If you want something a little more adrenaline-pumping, why not try windsurfing?

Combining the fun of surfing and the skills of sailing, this water sport activity can be found on Balok Beach as the location has particularly strong winds and rolling waves. Not only that, Balok Beach in Pahang is also recognised by the international windsurfing and kitesurfing community as one of the 10 best beaches in the world for this sport. In fact, annual windsurfing competitions are held here for this very reason!

Jet Skiing

A particularly exciting way to explore the coast is on a jet ski and this is a definite must-do when you are on a beach vacation in Pahang. Whether you are handling the jet ski by yourself or with an instructor, come and ride the waves and enjoy a panoramic view at the same time!

At Club Med Cherating Beach, we offer several adventure tours on a jet ski which will allow you to discover Cherating Beach Village, Snake Island and Cherating Beach from 10 mins up to 1.5 hours. This excursion is open to anyone from ages 6 and above, but you are only allowed to drive the jet ski if you are 18 and above.


Finally, don’t miss out the fun of sailing when you are in Cherating! Hoist the sails and enjoy the view of South China Sea on a Catamaran yacht. This is not only a relaxing water sport, but can be very romantic especially when sailing at sunset.

If you are staying at Club Med Cherating Beach, take the opportunity to learn how to sail with our group lessons, which includes learning how to control the winds, maneuvering and managing the speed of your yacht. Once you’ve gotten the basic skills, access to sailing is free for anyone aged 8 and above so don’t miss this out!

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