As Thailand’s most popular holiday spot, Phuket has much to offer to all types of vacationers. Be it the sandy beaches and clear waters, lush tropical greeneries, or vibrant nightlife and entertainment, you will definitely find something to enjoy in Phuket. Which comes the big question, “what should I pack for my holiday in Phuket?”

Here’s a comprehensive guide to what you should bring along, including essentials, what to wear and what other tips to know:

1. Essentials for Phuket

Before your Phuket holiday can get started, make sure you have all these travel essentials at the top of your packing checklist. Besides, you won’t want anything to spoil the fun!

Travel insurance: It’s always a good reminder to have travel insurance before travelling to ensure you are covered in case of emergencies.

Visa: While most Western countries do not need a visa for Thailand, do check the requirements online so you can actually enter the country!

Cash and cards: Credit cards are accepted in most large restaurants and malls, but Phuket has many smaller places like bars, street markets and food stalls that may not accept cards. It’s always good to bring along a bit of cash and exchange the rest to Thai Baht in Phuket. ATMs are also widely available and are a better place to withdraw cash as you may encounter foreign exchange scams in unlicensed shops. Be sure to notify your bank if you’d like to withdraw money overseas.

Power adaptor: Thailand uses Type B/C and Type O power outlets, or double flat or double round plus. While some hotels may have international plugs, do bring along a universal travel adapter for ease of charging your many devices. Adaptors are also easy to find in Phuket so don’t worry if you didn’t bring enough or forgot to bring one along!

Sturdy backpack or daypack: You will be doing a lot of exploring, whether it’s a day at the beach or just strolling in town, and a good backpack will go a long way in ensuring you have all your essentials in one place. Make sure you bring a good quality one as you don’t want it to rip halfway through!

Sunglasses and sunscreen: Phuket is a tropical place and the sun can be pretty harsh here. Even if it is cloudy or rainy, it’s always good practice to slather some sunscreen when outside!

Umbrella or raincoat: While it’s sunny most times, the rain here can be unpredictable too even outside the rainy seasons. Bring along a small umbrella or raincoat to protect yourself and your belongings should it pour unexpectedly.

Medicine: You will be eating a lot of spicy food that may not agree with your stomach, so make sure you pack some diarrhea pills along. There are many convenience stores here which will have your usual paracetamol, flu medicine and such but good to bring some just in case you have allergies or your own preferences.

2. What to Wear

Phuket is always warm, with the coldest being 24-26 celcius after a thunderstorm but generally, it’s best pack for the tropical heat! Bring along:

Light loose clothing: Cotton t-shirts, summer dresses, shorts, linen shirts, lightweight clothes and easy-to-dry clothing are essential in Thailand.

Beachwear: Make sure you bring along your swimwear and sandals for the many beaches in Phuket!
Sarong or light scarf: This is a versatile item for when you enter temples and need to cover up, or in air conditioned areas. They even double up as picnic mats for the beach!

A smart casual outfit: Bring one outfit that is fancy enough to enter high-end restaurants or clubs but won’t take up too much space!

3. Nice to Have

Nice-to-haves always come handy especially when you’re visiting a location you’re not familiar with. Some nice-to-haves you should consider adding to your packing list include:

Bug spray: Depending on where you go, you will find mosquitoes and other bugs especially when hiking or in the forest. Don’t worry if you forget this as it’s considered a must-have item for most locals so you will find the local version of bug repellent everywhere!

Hiking shoes: If you are planning to hike, then a pair of lightweight hiking shoes is a must. Otherwise, you will be fine with sandals and sneakers in your entire trip in Phuket.

Tissue paper: Another essential as the toilets here may not have them, but you can also purchase them everywhere so you don’t have to go out of your way to pack a few rolls in. However, good to bring a small pack just in case!

Don’t worry if you missed out some of these items as you can probably find them in Phuket though they may not be exactly what you are used to. Guests at Club Med Phuket can be rest assured that our staff will assist you should you miss out an essential, so don’t be afraid to ask us for help.

We also provide a GoPro for excursions that will be invaluable in capturing memories of you and your loved ones for your trip in Phuket, so do make use of that too!

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